Welcome to Poznań, where history meets modernity in a very unusual way. Poznań is a city with a history that goes back more than a thousand years. It was here that the first Polish rulers have settled. Modern Poznań is a vibrant metropolis, a perfect place for business, culture and entertainment. Today Poznań is a capital of the Wielkopolska region, a city with the population of nearly 600 thousand inhabitants. A student population of over 130,000 gives Poznań an incredible energy. Splendid monuments of art and architecture, representing a wide variety of styles - from the Roman style to Secession illustrate rich history of the city. Each part of Poznań prides itself on unique character.


Poznanians are good hosts and organisers. Every year thousands of events, some of them international, are held in the city. Among them are big sport events, such are Canoeing and Rowing Championships. Poznań was also a city hosting the UEFA EURO 2012. Poznań is easy to reach by various modes of transportation. It is a railway hub where numerous regional, national and international lines converge. It offers coach services to Europe's and Poland's main cities and has its own international airport - Poznań Ławica. Guests visiting Poznań should not have problems with accommodation. Over 20.000 beds waits in hotels, pensions, palaces and student houses with variety of standard and price, and the number will soon be increased by the new international chain hotels to be open.


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